Writing for the World to Read (Tuesday’s Tell All)

Understanding & the Interpretation of Words.

English may be the most recognized language worldwide but it is also probably the most confusing.
Even in English speaking countries we have such a vast collection of dialects (or sub-forms of English) that it is not always easy to interpret what is being said. Add to that the accents, grammar arguments, idioms/colloquialisms and hell (pardon my French) – we don’t understand what we are trying to say half the time.
It is no wonder other cultures complain that English is confusing; there are too many words that have so many variable meanings.
For example: In the tiny world where I grew up a cock was a rooster… a male bird. That’s all it was!
Yo! Yo! Yo! Hold the jokes – you are in mixed company here. Besides, there is a point to this.

For me that WORD still summons the image of a rooster, a gamecock to be specific.

gamecock gray roosters.JPG

That is until something else is implied by accompanying words or a facial expression.

As writer’s all we have are words!

The reader can’t see your face and they are probably not from your neck of the woods.
While you are writing I want you to consider how your audience interprets your words; your story.

Keep it real and reel them into your scenes in such a way they don’t feel like they are struggling through a foreign film.
After all you are writing for the world to read, right?
Write on!!

Hump Day Is For the Birds

A little bird told me that winter was over. Really it was a noisy tree frog but I didn’t get a picture of him.

A few days ago (and a few hundred miles south) it certainly felt like the frog was right …

…so I headed back north. Damn the lying frog!

I wish I’d got a shot of the crow before making the frog eat it. 😉

Let’s Talk Turkey

I was taking a walk with Whiskey (the eight month old German Shepherd I inherited) and came upon a flock of these feathered non-smack talking birds and just wondered…

Does anyone say ‘jive turkey’ anymore?

Why is a ‘turkey’ considered dumb? Have you ever hunted turkey?  Most game hunters will tell you those dull [seemingly dim witted] birds are really quite clever.

If a turkey is a dummy and a jive turkey is someone who doesn’t know what they’re talking about why do people say “let’s talk turkey” when they want a serious discussion?

Hmmm. All of this turkey talk has made me hungry. Enjoy the pictures, I’m going to make myself a sandwich.