6 Lessons Learned Because of the First Day of School

I’m re-blogging this because Staci makes six [eternally] valid points.
We all can benefit from spending time with family and friends.
Knowledge is wonderful and powerful.
Routine breeds productivity.
Physical de-cluttering leads to mental clarity.
Change can be good.
Entertainment in any form (particularly Steeler football, but to each his own) is necessary for recharging.

Staci Troilo

Today is the first day of school for my kids. I have no idea where the summer went. It seems like it was just last week that they came home ready to celebrate the end of their school year. We went back to Pennsylvania for a visit, came home, and sports practices started. Now here we are, school supplies purchased and packed, and struggling to get up in time to make the bus.

I guess the adage is true: Time flies when you’re having fun. Or running all over the city as a chauffeur.

I dreaded this day since the first day of summer break. I hate not having my kids around. Sure, they weren’t around that much anyway, what with social events and sports activities, but they were here a lot more than they will be now. And in a few years, they won’t be here at all.


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4 thoughts on “6 Lessons Learned Because of the First Day of School

  1. Routine breeds productivity- my life has rarely had an established routine, not since 2007, anyway. The last year or so I just started shifting into a routine (after marriage help me calm my crazy schedule) and I think you’re right. Knowing what to expect, to some extent, really does help with planning and execution. Definitely agree.


    • Yeah, Staci (who wrote the post) reinforced what we as writers know but tend to forget. We have to do that from time to time – remind one another. I’ve been married so long I can’t remember what my premarital schedule was like…


    • I’m glad to hear things are settling down for you, Katie. Hopefully I’ll start taking my own advice and get back into a set schedule. The last two days I had high hopes, but I didn’t quite make it. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow!


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