14 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: FOCUS

  1. I think you I might use this as a writing prompt. The word ‘aggressive’ with a beautiful flower, and the red color of your background, makes for some seriously crazy thoughts. Read: I feel like I”m driving through rush hour traffic right now πŸ™‚


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  3. Love this flower, both for its beauty and because it makes such a neat specimen for botany studies πŸ™‚ Red is not exactly my favorite color but I hear you on getting the focus on the right things. Have a great weekend, Janna!


  4. I think red is an energy color. I feel your high energy jumpin’ out my computer right into my office. Hibiscus never looked so good. You have my dream job ~ writer.
    I just bought the Scrivener app for my big 27″ iMac. Now I mean business.


    • I believe you may be right regarding red being an energy color. What we do with that energy is another matter πŸ™‚ It (writing) is a dream job once you get past the nightmares. Thank you Kelly and I enjoyed your monastery shot for the POV challenge.


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