Weekly Photo Challenge (Combining Hues & Horizons)

These photos are recycled from older posts but they will work for the challenge(s): The Hue of You and Horizons.

This is me. These colors are the sum of my parts and they bring me peace. That along with the unfaltering hope that what lies beyond the next horizon will be all I ever dreamed of.


We are what we eat, what we breathe and what we believe.ย  Eat to nourish the body, breathe to soothe the soul and believe the sky is the the limit.


23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge (Combining Hues & Horizons)

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  5. Janna, I think we should do a kind of partnership. When I put up blog posts, you supply pertinent pictures that will link back to your blog and get you full credit, thereby taking away the need for me to figure out pictures to take, and also giving me awesome pictures for my blog ๐Ÿ˜‰


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  7. love that quote! the photos are nice too, really like that deep saturated color you’ve got in a lot of them.
    thanks for stopping by my blog, glad you liked my horizon photo for the weekly photo challenge.


  8. Great photos Janna. You have beautiful hues in a great variety of horizon views. My favorite is the children having fun swinging. It made me remember how I loved to swing in the park when I was a child. By the way, thanks for liking my post “horizon”.
    Kind greetings,


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